EU Contest Nexus
Hey there ! Could you tell us a bit about yourself ?

Hyza : Hi I’m Hyza, and I played for Belgium the last nexus games.
Kalaa : Hello it’s me Kalaa, I’ll be playing carry for Belgium this year.

Do you have any experience in competitive play? Both in HotS and other games.

Hyza : I played LOL in competitive in Belgium like RUZ3 and Sector One. In Hots I played OD’s, and GO4 Heroes.
Kalaa : I played aswell some LOL competitive High diamond/Master. I played some hots competitions but not that much. And nothing good enough to mention.

Do you think that experience can help the Belgium Team?

Hyza : Didnt help much last year :D
Kalaa : I dont know if my experience will be useful, but i’ll try my best to make some value out of it.

The Nexus Contest provide a great opportunity to represent your country and make a name for yourself. What was your reaction when you were selected?

Hyza : I was screaming outloud, jumping everywhere. I never expected to be selected. It was super surprising. I mean I’m the only tank in Belgium.
Kalaa : When Talofe (Talouf nickname) told me I got selected. I wasn’t that much surprised since we made some tryout matches. Jk I cried due to the emotion.

You are both players of Hero League at Grand Master level, did you feel any changes when we announced the tournament ?

Hyza : I stopped playing when you announced it.
Kalaa : People would let me pick KTZ more often to get freelo.

During the Nexus Games 2017, the Belgium team placed 13th-16th position, Talouf, Enabler and Hyza were part of it. Do you think you can do better results this year?

Hyza : Let’s be fair, the player selection last year was completely random. We had our team comp settled 2 weeks after the other teams. We had to keep waiting and waiting a lot of time to get our fifth player.
Kalaa : This time Hyza doesn’t have to carry alone.

Which are the teams that you’re most scared about at this moment?

Hyza : Germany because Butcher counter KTZ, or Belgium when Enabler starts griefing.
Kalaa : Sweden maybe or my fellow French comrades.

Excepts results, do you have any other goals, objectives with that competition?

Hyza : Crush Denmark as payback for fight in moshpit last year.
Kalaa : Beat France, die more often times than Talofe.

We’ve added the Alterac Pass map to the tournament (400 votes – 334 “add a map” – 68 “Do nothing” on our strawpoll). What do you think of it at a competitive level ?

Hyza : It’s a secret, can’t wait to show you what we have in mind.
Kalaa : Why Alterac and not haunted mines :( Would love to outplay with the mines entrances.

Any shout outs to give?

Hyza : To my wife Vacilisco and my dad stayfrosty.
Kalaa : To the FBL, Ebka squad and my friends.
Hyza & Kalaa : Big shoutout to Dizzy

Thank you !

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