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Hey Blank, Could you introduce yourself?

Hello everyone,
I am Blank, your favourite HotsPlayer on this server. At the moment i live in Berlin and i am 22 years old.

Is HotS your first MOBA ever or did you try other games as well?

No. I played 5 years League of Legends before that. The only reason I started Hots in the first place is because all my favorite champions from LoL got basically removed from the game by reworking them into something weird. I am still crying inside because I can't play the old Fiora anymore.

Did you expect to make your national team and to participate in a competition like ours?

I expected it indeed - 1 week before the selection of the players a Danish man told me about this whole thing.

What do you think of the Team Germany? Did you practice a bit together already?

We didn't played that much so far, so i can't tell. But we will in a near future.

You’ve got an HGC player as a Coach who is Nurok, do you think it will help you ?

Yea, I"m pretty sure he will be useful. He is an HGC player after all.

You’re known to have different picks that are not “common” in Grand Master games, but you still reach Grand Master every season and sometimes the very top. How do you win with those picks?

If there is a hero you like, you will play him many times until you master him. That's it. There are no good or bad Heroes. If you analyze the draft correctly, you know when it is time to pick gazlowe, probius or butcher.

Do you play these heroes because you’re having fun, or is it because you think you’ve got better chances to win with them?

In Hero League I am only playing for fun - because that's why this game was created. With a 5-man-premade-team (with the intent to win) I have to adapt to the draft and what my team says - sooooo I have to stick with it and we will see how this will go.

What is your personal goal in the competition?

I wanna show everyone that there are no such things as "troll Heroes". Even a Nova or a Gazlowe can be the best pick in some situations. ----- well, these situations are rare, but they exist!

What would you say to the people who don't trust you in the team?

I love you guys.

Thank you !

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