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Hey Henn1ng, can you present yourself (IRL, IG)?

Hello my name is Albin “Henn1ng” Olsson. I’m 19 years old and come from the north of Sweden. I’ve been playing this game since the release of Li-Ming in early 2016 and have been playing it competitive since 2017. I played for Sweden in the nexus games last year and am the only returning player for the Swedish lineup this year. I played with Singularity in Open Division earlier this year where we won the regular season and finished 3rd in playoffs.

Did you expect a tournament based on the Nexus Games format to comeback after we all known that he will not be running this year by Blizzard?

When Blizzard announced that they would not be running the tournament this year I think I shared the same disappointment as the community in general. As the tournament last year was a great success both for players and for spectators. I then started to hear the rumours that you guys would be running a Nexus Games tournament I could see the light at the end of the tunnel :^) Really appreciate it happening.

Congratulations on getting selected in the 5 players. Did you expect that?

I don’t want to sound cocky but I felt quite confident that I would get selected for the team, as I do feel like the best I have ever been as of right now. And with SmX in HGC and Gnappe not actively playing the game I didn’t feel like I had too much competition for my spot. I am really content and happy with the team we ended up with, we are five really talented and individually skilled players that fit well together.

Makke, a pro HGC player is your coach, what do you want from him?

The games during tryouts and scrims where Makke has spectated and given his input both in draft and gameplay we have learned and improved a lot. So he has been really helpful in the ways that we expect him to be. The only thing is that we would like him to spectate a bit more, but he is busy on his end for now in the off-season (if you know what I mean :^))

You are the owner of the Team Sweden account on Twitter (, why did you do this account?

The account used to be Wit’s for his past team “The Newcomers” so it had like 6-8 followers to begin with, and as the account was inactive I asked him if I could get it and make it into a “HotsSweden” account. I got the inspiration from Overwatch where all nations that participate in the world cup and in the world cup qualifiers has their own twitter page. So I just thought we should have that in HotS aswell for the Nexus Games teams. Wit liked the idea and gave me the account to build a Swedish twitter page.

Do you advice others countries to create one for theirs?

I have been trying to get players that I know own twitter pages for former and disbanded teams to recreate that one in to a twitter page for their country. But no one has really caught up to the idea. Would be nice to see some other countries join in aswell, either by creating a new page or just remaking an existing one into a national one.

What is your goal in this tournament?

Our goal in the tournament is of course to perform as well as possible and take home the victory this year, to avenge the 2nd place last year. #DenKommerHem

How is the atmosphere in the HOTS Sweden community in general? and in this tournament?

The atmosphere in the team and the Swedish community is pretty hype in general I think. People feel like we have a good shot at the trophy this year and we are performing well in scrims at the moment aswell. The twitter page have also participated a bit in building up the hype within the Swedish community by informing them about the tournament and the team. We also have some exciting stuff happening behind the scenes that are going to build the hype and excitement even more

A story you want to tell us in HOTS?

Not a certain story or such no, but if you want to watch the best series of the last Nexus Games go watch our series vs France from last year on youtube! 😊

Anything else you want to add?

Make sure to follow our @HotsSweden twitter if you don’t already. And feel free to follow me on twitter @Henn1ngHotS and on Also shoutouts to the guys that are arranging this tournament when Blizzard wouldn’t – Dittrio, Ouille, Gfear, CrossAlbeo and Sarly : Love you.

Thank you Henn1ng !

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