EU Contest Nexus
Hey Nesdip ! First of all, could you introduce yourself?

Hey I am Bruce “Nesdip” Jouve. I am a French player living in Paris and I am 23 years old

What is your competitive experience in HOTS?

I have been a competitive player since the first OD in EU, then I get to go to the US for a year where I won Heroes of the Dorm and I also have been top 4 in the regular season of NA OD with the team UL.

How this experience will help you/your team in the Nexus Contest?

I can bring a better organization maybe and some macro plays, but I think we selected a lot of experienced players, so we will all contribute.

Except HGC players, there is probably the best players of each country in this tournament. How much competitive the tournament will be in your opinion?

It will depend on the preparation of each team, but it can be a mid/top OD tournament.

What is your goal for this tournament? As a solo player, and as a team.

My goals as a player is to prove that I am not a tier 3 player 😉.
And as a team ofc we want to win this tournament.

What is the most difficult thing you have had to face in the French Team yet?

I think we have some lack of ability to draft right now.

Did you start to practice? How is the atmosphere in the French Team?

Yes, we practice 3 times per week currently. The atmosphere is really cool with a lot of try hard

Mene as a coach is a good thing? Why?

You know, having a player with this list of achievements is always a bonus, he gives us a lot of individual tips who help us a lot to step up and reduce the lack of skill in draft we have.

Depending on when Blizzard upload the patch about structures and experience, the tournament is probably going to be played on the live server. What do you think of it?

At the moment we play to train our synchronization but if the macro change with those updates, we will change and adapt for sure.

Any shout outs to give?

Shootouts to my boy Leviis who helped us to start the team, and my last Canadian team UL!

Thank you and Good Luck!

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