EU Contest Nexus - Rules

Tournament rules.

EU Contest Nexus

1. Team Rules and Requirements

1.1. Selection of players.

Players will be selected on the 19 November, the top 2 players of Hero League from each country on the leaderboard will be chosen and contacted by an admin to verify everything.
They then will choose 3 player to complete the team. They can add one substitute to the team.
Players who compete in HGC during 2018 and will participate in 2019 season can't participate. This excludes OD teams winning the Crucible, and HGC teams loosing it.

Open division players are allowed to participate. Players going into HGC without passing by the Crucible are allowed to play the competition. Teams must elect one Team Captain from within the roster of five (5) Eligible Participants who make up the Team. The role of the Team Captain is to be the primary point of contact for the Team.

1.2. Behavior

Any banned or silenced player by Blizzard is also banned from our tournament (From the selections to the end of the tournament).
The tournament organizer reserves the right to remove participants from the competition if toxic behaviour is witnessed, regardless of the account standing

All Team Members must at all times observe the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship. Team Members are required to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner in their interactions with other competitors, Qualifier organizers and members of the administration team, the media, sponsors and fans. Before and during the competition
Team Members may not use obscene gestures or profanity in their BattleTags, player handles, game chat, lobby chat or live interviews. This rule applies to English and all other languages in use in the EU Nexus Contest and includes abbreviations and/or obscure references.

Team Members are expected to settle their differences in a respectful manner and without resort to violence, threats, or physical or non-physical intimidation.
Players can make an appeal by contacting any admin if they think that they were not toxic at the time of a Ban

1.3. Coach

Coachs are allowed but must be from the same country as the team, admins must be aware and have a proof of the nationality.

Coachs are allowed only during draft. Once the draft is over, only the 5 players of the Team are allowed on the voice chat and nobody else.

2. Country

List of the 16 chosen countries :
Finland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Denmark, UK

2.1. Participation in the EU Nexus Contest.

The EU Nexus Contest is a team-based competition. Teams are composed of 5 players, each of members must be living in the same country of the said team
Teams must elect one Team Captain from within the roster of five (5) Eligible Participants who make up the Team. The role of the Team Captain is to be the primary point of contact for the Team.

3. Communication

All team captains are required to be on the EU Nexus Contest's Discord : where you can contact admins and players alike regarding upcoming and in progress tournaments.
All announcements will be communicated by admins in the EU Nexus Contest Discord server. Announcements can include hero bans, glitches/bugs, player/team rulings, etc...

All players will be on the Nexus Contest Discord voice chat when they will play games

4. Spectating rules

Only verified spectators are allowed in games (Nexus Games Admins, Referee, Blizzard, affiliated streamers).
Non-affiliated streams are prohibited.
Any sanctioned spectators such as tournament admins and/or affiliated streamers may not be rejected by the teams. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification.
Maps pools : Nine maps which are as follows: Battlefield of Eternity, Braxis Holdout, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Towers of Doom, Alterac Pass and Volskaya Foundry

5. Structure

5.1. Tournament Rules; Match Details.

In each match, two teams will compete against each other by playing Heroes of the Storm on the server operated by Blizzard. Matches will be played in the “Custom” game mode and “Tournament Draft” lobby mode.

If a new hero is released within the past 2 weeks, this hero cannot be played for the current phase

5.2. Course of matches

Each team captain must be in the discord tchat lobby created for the match, where coin-flip, map and first pick will be decided. An admin will also be present.
This tchat will help teams, admins and streamers
Each team will ban a map. Then, the first map will be picked. The loosing team can choose if she gets the first pick or the map pick. Group stage are all best of 3. Quarter, semi-final and match for 3rd place are best of 5. The grand final is best of 7.

5.3. Pauses

Teams may pause a total of 3 times per game. The amount of total pause time must not exceed 10 cumulative minutes per game per team.
Referees reserve the right to unpause a game at any time and to extend pause time at any time.
Pauses may be used once the game has loaded into the battleground. Prior to that disconnects will be treated under the no-show policy.
Any team abusing pause will be punished and automatically be ineligible to any prize in the ongoing match. The abuse of pause will also result in a default loss in the ongoing match.

6. CashPrize

The cashprize will be 2000€ + amount of the common pot + sponsors if we find one.
Distribution of the cashprize :
1st : 50% of the Cashprize
2nd : 25% of the Cashprize
3rd : 15% of the Cashprize
4th : 10% of the Cashprize

7. Cheating, Bug Exploit

No. Not Today, not tomorrow, not ever
Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of cheating by any Team Member will not be tolerated. All Team Members are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a League game or match so that the outcome is determined by anything other than its merits.
Any use of a known bug or exploit will result in the team using the bug or exploit being ineligible to any prize for the ongoing match. Any use of bug or exploit will result in a default loss.

8. Prohibited cosmetics

8.1 Prohibited animated sprays :

  • All Animated Sprays

8.2. Prohibited character skins :

  • Archangel Diablo
  • Twilight Archangel Diablo
  • Skyborne Archangel Diablo
  • Toxic Archangel Diablo
  • Cyberhawk Kael'thas
  • Sapphire Cyberhawk Kael'thas
  • Cyberhawk Kael'thas
  • Spectre Cyberhawk Kael’thas
  • Maraudin' Muradin
  • Raider Maraudin' Muradin
  • Dominion Maraudin' Muradin
  • Umojan Maraudin’ Muradin
  • Striker Li-Ming
  • Scarlet Striker Li-Ming
  • Canary Striker Li-Ming
  • Sapphire Striker Li-Ming
  • Mecha Tyrael
  • Strike Mecha Tyrael
  • Deathreaper Mecha Tyrael

8.3. Prohibited character mounts :

  • Arthas Bat Form
  • Kerrigan Bat Transformation

8.4. Prohibited mounts :

  • Invisible Horse